Thursday, October 14, 2010

Teacher Interview Questions: regarding Technology

I am always interested on the views of many teachers! For my fellow followers, you are more than welcome to include your imput as well. Thank you!

1. Does the availability of technology in the classroom increase the quality and/or quanity of student work?

2. Has professional development related to technology changed the way that teachers are organizing instruction? Are teachers teaching any diffrently thatn they did before participating in professional development?

3. Does having access to the Internet increase student knowledge of other cultures and traditions?

4. Does the infusion of technology into the curriculum help increase student performance on standardized test?


  1. 1. Yes, if done at the appropriate age level and for related classwork. If not, students are hindered by the "convenience" of technology which will hinder their educational development and create a dependency on electronical devices.

    2. Yes. Less hands on is required and classes can now be instructed and completed without every meeting face-to-face.

    3. No, if anything it hinders cultural imperialism.

    4. Maybe increase performance but also decreases comprehension.


  2. ‎1. Technology in the classroom increases student engagement. Our "wired" generation is accustomed to using technological tools for most of their activities and education needs to follow suit. By bringing technology to the classroom, we students where they are most comfortable, enabling them to produce quality artifacts. It also levels the playing field that they will enter when they leave school and compete in a global economy, where information travels quickly and to far corners. We also have students who, due to varied exceptionalities, process information in different ways and technology
    enables those students to assimilate information on their own level.
    2. Professional development in the area of technology is only as good as the tools available and the support of the school district. Technology does not change the standards we teach to, only the way we present and assess our students. We teach differently, because technology has turned us into facilitators or education rather than direct instructors.
    3. Ethnicity within a classroom can be quite varied and dmay trigger discussion about different cultures. The Internet serves as an immediate window into different cultures. Our students want information immediately and by having ready access to the Internet, they are more likely to follow their own inquiries.
    4. Studies have show tendencies on both sides of the argument. The NRC tends toward supporting the argument that technology does increase test scores. I think the technology has to include inquiry and practice that is student directed for it to have a real effect.

    Bradenton, FL: Grade 7